Bible Reading Plan

Reading and applying the Bible is one of the keys to knowing God, following Jesus, growing spiritually, and finding freedom in life.  Some people want to read the Bible but aren't sure where to start.  It is, after all, quite a big book!

So we have made a day-by-day plan for reading through the Bible for 2021.  If you have some other strategy for reading through the Bible, awesome, use it!  But if not, we'd be excited to help you by providing this plan, which will take you through the entire New Testament and parts of the Old Testament over the course of the year.

Whatever passage you choose to read, here's a process we suggest for your reading:
  • Take a moment to pray and ask God to help you understand and apply what you read.
  • Read the passage.
  • Ask, "Say What?"  Go back through your reading and ask questions like: What did it say? What did I learn about God? About myself? About life? What insights do I gain?
  • Then ask, "So What?"  Imagine someone read that same passage and asked you, "So what?  What does this have to do with life today?"  What's the answer?  What universal lesson or life teaching does God communicate through this passage?
  • Finally, ask "Now What?"  Ask God what He wants you to do with what you read.  This goes beyond the universal lesson to your specific application.  How should your life be changed?  In what way do you need to live differently based on what you read?  Ask God for the wisdom and strength to live out what He's shown you. 
If you want to learn more about the Bible and how to read it you might want to listen to this message we've done at Verve: The Bible: So Simple A Caveman Could Read It