Sunday, February 2, 2020

No Barriers: No Barriers Between You and God

We provide questions each week based on the theme of our service for our Verve Groups to use. If you're not in a Verve Group, feel free to use them on your own.
This week we started the series called No Barriers and talked about No Barriers Between You and GodIf you missed it, you can listen to it here.
  1. What's something that a lot of people are missing out on because they don't know about it?
  2. Do you fear God? If so, when do you fear Him? If not, why not?
  3. Tell us about some misconceptions you currently have or have had in the past about God.
  4. The Bible tells us God sent His son, Jesus, to die for our sins and break through the barriers between us and a relationship with Him. How does that make you feel knowing there aren't barriers so if you want God, you can have God?
  5. When you have a choice to make, does it seem like you choose the right thing to earn favor with God? Why or why not?
  6. Have you come to the place where you've accepted that you aren't ever going to fully understand God? If so, how did you reach that place? If not, what's preventing you from accepting that?
  7. What are some questions you have about God?
  8. Weekly Check In Question:  What could we be praying for you this week? (Is there something good we could celebrate with you, or a challenge you need God's help with?)