Sunday, October 14, 2018

Misfits: A Place for Misfits

We provide questions each week based on the theme of our service for our Verve Groups to use. If you're not in a Verve Group, feel free to use them on your own.
This week we continued the series called Misfits and talked about "A Place for Misfits". If you missed it, you can listen to it here.
  1. Which season are you: fall, winter, spring or summer? Why?
  2. How do you feel like a misfit?
  3. Read Romans 5:17 in the New Testament of the Bible. What makes it so hard to accept people like Christ has accepted us?
  4. In what ways are you gifted? How can you use this gifting to benefit others?
  5. How were you treated when you were in school? What impact does this have on your life now?
  6. Read 1 Corinthians 1:26-30. Why do you think God doesn't choose to use the people who the world would choose first?
  7. How does stress decrease in your life when you think about God accepting you just the way you are?
  8. Has church always been a place you could come and be yourself? Why or why not?
  9. Do you want to be part of a church where it's a safe place for misfits to belong? Why or why not?
  10. Weekly Check In Question:  What could we be praying for you this week? (Is there something good we could celebrate with you, or a challenge you need God's help with?)