Sunday, September 23, 2018

Chain Breaker: I Want to Forgive but I Don't Know How

We provide questions each week based on the theme of our service for our Verve Groups to use. If you're not in a Verve Group, feel free to use them on your own.
This week we continued the series called Chain Breaker and talked about "I want to forgive but I don't know how". If you missed it, you can listen to it here.
  1. What is one thing that always makes you laugh?
  2. Read Ephesians 4:26 in the New Testament of the Bible. How can you make sure you don't sin when you are angry?
  3. Tell us about a time where you sought out revenge instead of forgiveness. How did you feel after seeking revenge?
  4. Read Luke 6:27-28 in the New Testament. Which one of those things listed is the hardest for you to do to someone who hurt you and why?
  5. What makes praying for your enemy so hard?
  6. Do you have an earthly father who is for you and will always be on your side? How does this effect your view of God?
  7. Who do you need to lean on God to forgive today?
  8. Weekly Check In Question:  What could we be praying for you this week? (Is there something good we could celebrate with you, or a challenge you need God's help with?)