Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Verve Haps

The last weekend of 2014 went out with a bang at Verve!

  • Wrapped up our series called The Compassion Conspiracy by talking about what makes for a successful Christmas. Now that the holiday is behind us, we can each look back and know whether we think we had a great Christmas or a not-so-great Christmas (or a Christmas that is somewhere between great and not-so-great). However, that's not a great way to measure the impact of Christmas. The true measure of Christmas is the long-term impact it makes on our lives: do we realize that Christmas is all about God's love for us, and sharing that love with others? Do we keep looking for ways to love people long after Christmas is gone?
  • Returning unwanted Christmas gifts is a popular pastime during the week after Christmas, so we compiled and presented the Top Ten Most Returned Christmas Gifts. You had to be there to hear them all, but some of the more notable items included "Pull-My-Finger Barbie" and "Jenga: Shards of Glass Edition."
  • This coming weekend we are kicking off 2014 by throwing a block party in the lobby after each service. Whether you've been coming to Verve for a long time or haven't been in months, make sure you're there on Sunday or Monday to get in on the action!