Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Verve Haps

This past weekend at Verve was a big one!

  • Continued our new series The River by talking about what to do when, in the midst of really bad situations, God seems absent. We can all relate to the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness that crappy circumstances bring. They can make it hard to believe that anything good will come of what's happening, and they can convince us that God is ignoring our despair.
  • However, perception is not always reality. We talked about the principle that life is lived forward but understood backwards. In other words, it's not until you're on the other side of a bad situation that you can see how God used it to do good. We examined the story of a guy in the Bible named Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his brothers. He was enslaved for 13 years (and spent two of those years in jail). However, during those 13 years it turned out God was working in ways he didn't realize, and at the end of it God had led Joseph into a pivotal position of power that he used to save a lot of lives. (The story of Joseph is pretty cool -- if you weren't at Verve this weekend, make sure you catch the message online).
  • For the first time ever we had a guest singer lead our band! We have a vision to start churches in the darkest parts of the world, starting with the darkest places in America. Believe it or not, Sedona, Arizona, is the hub of a lot of belief systems that are skeptical towards God, so we have partnered with a new church called SummitLIFE Sedona to help spread God's love in that city. David Parker, the pastor of SummitLIFE, happens to be a rocking guitar player and vocalist, so we invited him to lead our band this past weekend. It turns out that he is indeed a killer guitar player, and it was awesome to have someone like him play a central role in our services. 
  • Today a bunch of Ververs are heading to Dean Petersen Elementary to help with the school's annual Halloween event. Dean Petersen's neighborhood is too dangerous for kids to trick-or-treat in, so every year the school hosts an event to distribute candy and offer Halloween-themed games. For the last few years Verve has helped with this event, and it's always a great opportunity to ambush our community with God's love. Can't wait!