Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Verve Haps

Lots of great things happening at Verve:
  • This past weekend we concluded our I Want A Movie Life series by talking about how the zombie movie Warm Bodies can teach us about God's love. In the movie, a zombie is "loved back to life" -- he experiences an overwhelming love that brings his dead body back to life. The film's storyline may be cheesy, but it illustrates a really cool truth: God wants to love us back to life. We've all felt dead inside, and God wants to replace that deadness with a vibrant liveliness that can lead us to have an abundant life in him.
  • Got a TON of great feedback about this week's message. A lot of people said it was the best they've ever heard at Verve. If you weren't at Verve, make sure you experience it online.
  • This week we are hosting a conference for about 100 church leaders from across the country. When Verve first started a few years ago, we got a lot of questions from pastors about how we do church for people who don't like church, so we decided to offer a three-day seminar on the details of our church. We expected a handful of people to register, but we ended up having 80 people from all over the country sign up (!). We've done this conference every year since, with about the same number of people attending every year, and it's always humbling to hear about the sacrifices people make to get here. Can't wait to see how this helps attendees lead more people to God in their home cities.
  • In true Verve style, we couldn't talk about a film without showing a professionally recreated scene from the movie we're discussing: