Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Verve Haps

Good times at Verve this past weekend!

  • Saw a lot of people who were checking out Verve for the first time, which is awesome. We had been promoting this weekend as our "fall kickoff" and encouraging Ververs to invite their friends, and invite their friends they did! 
  • Talked about church signs. Some churches have literal signs that they use to communicate words, and a lot of churches have metaphorical signs that imply you have to meet some "righteous" standard before you can be part of their church. Some churches have signs that say things like, "You need to get your act together before you come here," or, "You need to wear a coat and tie when you're here," or, "We're better than you." We talked about how, at Verve, we welcome everyone, regardless of their clothes or doubts or questions or brokenness. We are all screwed up, and at Verve our goal is to figure out what God may have to do with our lives.
  • One of the main "signs" we wave at Verve is, "Grace Happens." God's grace reaches way farther than our past mistakes, and at our church we want to lead people to Jesus so they can fully experience freedom in him. God's grace is a pretty crazy thing to comprehend, but it can change your life in big ways.
  • On Friday night nearly 30 middle and high school students invaded Verve for our second annual Back to School Bash. There was a ton of food, a lot of games, an inflatable obstacle course, air hockey, foosball, live music, and all kinds of other neat stuff. If you're a student and you weren't there, you missed out! Beginning September 26th we will offer a student ministry program at Verve every Thursday from 6:35 to 8:00 p.m., and the Back to School Bash was a great way to get students to Verve and get the word out about our new student ministry. We're excited about the future of student ministry at Verve!
  • We wanted to keep building on the momentum from this past weekend, so after each service we gave every person a stack of invite cards that they can use to invite their friends and neighbors to Verve next weekend  as we start a new series called I Want A Movie Life. If you got invite cards, get to invitin'!