Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Verve Haps

School started this week, and at Verve this past weekend we had fun celebrating the end of summer!

  • After each service we had an indoor block party in our lobby with popcorn, snow cones, Mario Kart, cotton candy, and all kinds of games. We love to create fun environments for people at Verve to hang out and get to know one another better, and part of our strategy for doing that is picking a handful of weekends each year to throw a party in our lobby. It was cool to see so many Ververs meet people they didn't know. If you weren't there, you missed out!
  • Continued our series called Life in 140 by talking about the true path to success. According to most people in the world, the strategy to success is putting yourself first and showing little regard for others. However, Jesus says that greater success lies in humbling yourself and putting others first. True fulfillment in life comes from living life with Jesus, and one of the best ways to do that is by imitating his attitude. Jesus was God in human form, yet he still chose to put others above himself, so much so that he died for wicked sinners. The true path to success, and to spiritual growth, is through putting others first and finding ways to love people like God loves them. 
  • We asked everyone to figure out how they could humble themselves in their day-to-day life. Maybe by helping with more things around the house, or taking care of the baby when he wakes up in the middle of the night, or deciding to spent the night with your spouse instead of doing what only you want to do. 
  • For most of this month we have been collecting school supplies for the teachers at Dean Petersen Elementary. Dean Petersen is located in a poverty-stricken and gang-infested part of Las Vegas, so we have sort of adopted the school by strategically bombarding them with God's love throughout the year. Since most students at Dean Petersen can't afford basic supplies, teachers usually end up paying for pencils, paper, and other essentials out of pocket. Ververs donated a ton of school supplies for these teachers, and on Friday a team of Ververs got to deliver these supplies directly to each teacher. It was so cool to see their faces light up when we told each of them what we were donating. Can't wait to do more awesome stuff for Dean Petersen!