Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Verve Haps

A lot of cool stuff happened at Verve this past weekend!
  • Continued our new series called Life in 140, where we are going through a part of the Bible called Philippians. We looked at the idea of living with purity and clarity -- living so that our lives are focused on one thing. Talked about how the greatest "one thing" you can live for is Jesus, and how living like that changes so many things. When our attention and lives and motives are divided among competing causes, life can quickly become complicated and start to feel meaningless. For example, when we don't live our lives solely focused on Jesus, our emotion and energy and sense of self worth can be greatly affected by what people say about us or by our temporary circumstances. When we live with a singular focus on Jesus and what he did for us, we become grounded in God, who is way bigger than our circumstances.
  • On Saturday our Ecudaor mission team got back from spending a week in Rocafuerte, Ecuador! They went on Verve's first international mission trip, and by all indications they had a blast getting to spend a week showing God's love to the children in an Ecuadorian village. Can't wait to hear more stories from their trip, and it's exciting to think about the hundreds of Ververs who will participate in future Verve mission trips around the world.
  • This was the last weekend for our Dean Petersen Elementary school supply drive, and it was awesome to see the huge generosity of so many Ververs. If you donated supplies (or money), thank you! We are delivering the supplies on Friday -- if you want to help with that, show up to Verve at 8:00 a.m. We'll be done by noon.
  • We're doing baptisms in a couple of weeks! Baptisms are a huge freakin' deal at Verve because they represent why we do what we do. We exist as a church to lead people to love God, and baptism is a person's way of officially "going public" with their commitment to God. To learn more about baptism, you can listen to this message we did on it. And if you're interesting in getting baptized on September 8th or 9th, let us know!