Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Verve Haps

Cool stuff at Verve this past Sunday and Monday!
  • We wrapped up our series called 24/6 by talking about what you could do if you made time to take a day off. Last week was all about how to overcome obstacles that keep you from taking a day off, so we followed that up by talking about what exactly you might (or might not) do on your new-found day of freedom.
  • How you spend your day off depends in large part on your personality. If you're an introvert, maybe you'd totally enjoy spending an afternoon reading a book. If you're extraverted, maybe hanging out with people would better suit you. However you like to relax, your day off -- or "sabbath" -- is the chance for you to do just that. We explained that our day off is our chance to "run for the puppy!" (If you weren't at Verve and have no idea what that means, you can listen to or watch the service online.)
  • Resting regularly can help you grow closer to God. When you have a day to clear your head of the week's stressors, it can help you better focus on your spiritual journey and what next steps you may need to take. It's important to take time during the week to spend time with God, but a day off naturally lends itself to more focused, un-rushed time that you can dedicate to your spiritual journey.
  • Announced that we're hosting a Poker Night to raise funds for one of our mission teams that is heading to Ecuador in less than a month. Poker Night is happening at Verve on Saturday, July 27, at 6:30PM, and everyone is welcome to get in on the action. Gonna be fun!