Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Verve Haps

Father's Day weekend at Verve was pretty great!
  • We continued our Bigger series by talking about how you can find your perfect fit to serve and impact people's lives. We all have different skills and personality traits, and God wants to use you in a way that will make the most of your unique abilities. When you make the decision to commit to live for others, to jump in and start making big changes, you create ripples that go way beyond yourself. Your "small" act of serving other people can create a domino effect that ends up reaching more people than you thought possible.
  • A great way to serve is through volunteering at Verve. There are several different ways you could do this, and to make it as easy as possible we give you the opportunity to sign up for a First Serve in one or more areas. A First Serve is sort of like a test drive -- you get to serve once in a position to see if it's a good fit for you. If it doesn't go well, you can try a First Serve in a different area. Once you find the role that's perfect for you, you can commit to serve regularly. If you weren't at Verve this past weekend and want to jump in by trying a First Serve (or two or three!), you can sign up for one online.
  • Talked about a person in our church who has really lived this out and used her life to create big ripples for God, mainly through inviting people to Verve. A lot of these people have been coming to Verve regularly, and a few have even given their lives to Jesus and been baptized. Margaret is a catalyst for life change in our church, and it's so cool to have people like her who invite her friends to Verve so they can explore the next steps in their spiritual journey at their own pace.
  • In fact, we think Margaret is so great at connecting people to God and to our church that we want her to be able to devote more time to doing just that. So, starting this week, Margaret will be joining Verve's full-time staff as our Community Life Assistant. In addition to finding ways for Ververs to better connect with each other and with our church, she will also help us partner with other Vegas organizations that we've long had an interest in teaming up with. She's going to help our church make a big difference in our community. To help get the word out about this big announcement, we hired a professional interview and film crew to sit down with Margaret and find out more about what she plans to do in her new role: