Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Verve Haps

Not even record-breaking heat could stop great things from happening at Verve this past weekend!

  • Kicked off a brand new series called Bigger, where we're talking about how you can break out of monotony and into a bigger life. It was only appropriate that we debuted a game show called Go Big or Go Home, where we invited a member of the audience to successfully complete a challenge and Go Big, or fail and Go Home. It was fun to see some people thrive under pressure and others crumble. Rumor has it that this competition will make another on-stage appearance in the not-so-far-away future...
  • For this first week of Bigger we talked about one of the biggest gambles you can make with your life: you can bet your life on yourself and focus on doing what's best for you, or you can bet your life on others and focus on doing what's best for them. The latter is the kind of life God wants us to live because it's the most fulfilling. You can acquire all kinds of great things for yourself and find ways to boost your own pride or confidence, but that doesn't lead people closer to God or change their lives; it only makes you feel better. On the other hand, when you bet your life on other people, your actions make a much bigger and longer-lasting impact. When you put others first and find ways to serve them, you become more like Jesus and find greater fulfillment in life.
  • We're starting something new on Monday nights this summer! About twice a month we're going to serve up a cold (and delicious) treat after our 7:05 service. This is a great opportunity to hang out and get to know other Ververs (and eat ice cream). We've done this twice so far, and it's cool to see how people are already becoming more connected to other people in our church. If you've never been to Verve on a Monday night, now is the time to check it out! Gonna be a great summer.