Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Verve Haps

Yesterday and Sunday at Verve were pretty great:

  • In honor of Mother's Day, for the first time ever Vince's "mother" made an on-stage appearance... several times. You had to be there to get the full experience, but you can watch this week's service online to see what we're talking about.
  • Talked about what it may look like if we put our relationship with our parents into words. If you wrote a letter to your parents, what might it say? For many people it would be tempting to write a letter full of anger and bitterness over the crappy way one or both parents treated you, but we talked about how it may actually be better to write a letter of forgiveness. Just as God forgives us for the wrong things we've done against him, we need to forgive our parents for the things they've done that may have created a lot of pain. Forgiveness can be extremely difficult, but with God's help it's very possible. And, once you forgive your parents, you'll find that you feel more free from the weight and burden; until you forgive your mom or dad for what they did, it will eat at you. In a supernatural way, forgiving your parents allows you to move on and feel more healthy.
  • T-minus one week until our third annual Kickball Game. If you're in the Vegas area, don't miss it!