Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Verve Haps

April at Verve got off to a great start this past weekend!

  • Kicked off a brand new series called Pinky Swear. In this series we're unpacking four vows that can lead any marriage to be more fulfilling, meaningful, and fun. We started by examining the "Vow of Pursuit" -- that is, the commitment to always pursue your spouse long after the wedding day. When you're dating, romantic gestures seem to come somewhat easily, but once you're married it's easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life and neglect some of the small but important things you used to do for your significant other.
  • Talked about how the Bible says marriage is supposed to be marked by a commitment to grow closer to your spouse. This plays out in different ways for each person, and we talked about a variety of practical ways you can continue to pursue your spouse on a daily basis.
  • Over the last couple of weeks a slew of new Ververs have signed up to volunteer in different areas at Verve. It's exciting to see people grow closer to God and find a role that's perfect for them. If you're interested in test driving a volunteer position at Verve, you can sign up for a First Serve right now!
  • We're adding an online broadcast! Five times per week we broadcast a video recording of the previous weekend's service. Most of these are at unconventional times to cater to people who work odd hours and can't make it to Verve in person, but we've found that a ton of people have watched a service online to get a taste of what we're like before showing up in person. So to make that more convenient we are adding a broadcast at 6:35PM on Wednesday! If you've been talking to some of your friends about Verve and they sound a little hesitant to attend a service, make sure they know about our online broadcast -- it could be the bridge that leads them to attend Verve and take steps closer to God.