Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Verve Haps

Easter weekend at Verve is in the bag (or Easter basket?!), and it was a big weekend in a lot of ways:

  • We wrapped up our Verdict series by talking about evidence for Jesus' resurrection. The claim that Jesus died and came back to life sounds pretty crazy, but if it really did happen, it is a game-changer for human history and it is a game-changer for your life. We talked about a lot of evidence, and you can listen to the entire message online. But a key point we discussed is that, if you're not willing to consider the possibility that Jesus died and rose again, you'll find a way to not believe it. You owe it to yourself to approach the story of Jesus' resurrection with intellectual honesty, in a way that lets the evidence speak for what it is.
  • A great avenue to explore this evidence in greater depth is through one of our Verve U classes called Verge. In Verve we explore the basics of Christianity and why we believe what we believe. The class begins in less than two weeks, and you can sign up right now!
  • This past weekend marked a couple of milestones (and if you weren't at Verve, you missed out!):
    1. For the first time in our church's history, the phrase "Trout Fishing in America" was used in a sermon.
    2. For the first time in our church's history we showed a video that featured Vince, our lead pastor, showering.
  • More people attended Verve this past weekend than on any weekend in our history! There was a ton of energy in every service, and we are experiencing a lot of momentum as a church. Can't wait to see who God continues to lead to Verve and to him.
  • We're starting a new series this coming weekend! It's called Pinky Swear and it's all about four vows that can transform any marriage into a "wow" marriage. This past weekend we gave everyone a stack of invite cards to use to invite their friends, so if you've got cards, get to invitin'!