Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Verve Haps

This past weekend at Verve was pretty killer:
  • We celebrated our third freakin' birthday! It has been so cool to see what all God has done and where Verve has come since we launched in 2010. Right now we're experiencing more growth than ever before, and people are hearing about (and showing up at) Verve through a lot of weird ways. Can't wait to see what God has in store for the next 12 months.
  • Kicked off a new series called Verdict. We're spending a few weeks looking at evidence that proves Jesus was who he said he was and did what the Bible says he did. For example, the Bible contains a ton of minute details about when and where and how things happened. Over the course of centuries a majority of these accounts have been proven true by archaeological digs and  other academic discoveries (and the ones that haven't been proven true haven't been contradicted by any findings).  Obviously, this fact alone isn't enough to prove Jesus is who he said he was, but it was one of dozens of different points we discussed in this week's message. (We covered a lot, so it would be a great idea to listen to it or watch online if you couldn't make it to Verve this past weekend.)
  • One of the cool things about this series is that it really epitomizes who we are as a church. At Verve we encourage people to approach God at their own pace and ask a lot of questions in the process. Hopefully this series will be really helpful to people at Verve who aren't sure about this Jesus stuff but are interested in learning more about him and what he might mean for their lives. 
  • To celebrate Verve turning three we took a look back at some of the highlights (or lowlights?) of the last 12 months: