Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Verve Haps

Lots of cool stuff at Verve this past weekend:
  • We wrapped up our God For The Rest Of Us series by talking about God For The Skeptics. A lot of people think it's impossible to have doubts about God and still believe in him, or that Jesus doesn't want us to question him. But the opposite is actually true: God welcomes our questions, and they can help us grow spiritually in big ways. We looked at a few different instances in the Bible where people came to Jesus and questioned his abilities, or doubted that he was really who he said he was. And instead of responding harshly to these inquiries, Jesus addressed their questions and provided answers that were beyond satisfactory.
  • At Verve we love to equip people to do their own intellectual digging to find out for sure whether or not Jesus is who he says he is. We gave people the chance to buy (for super cheap) a couple of books that provide evidence and reasoning for Christianity, and we sold out! If you weren't able to grab a copy, you can find them on Amazon: the two books are The Case For Christ and The Reason for God.
  • This coming weekend we're starting a new series dedicated to providing specific examples of evidence that support Jesus' claims and what the Bible says happened. It's gonna be fun to unpack all of this, and it's the perfect time to invite any of your friends that may be skeptical about Christianity.
  • Another great opportunity to explore the basics of Christianity and why we believe what we believe is through our Verve U course called Verge. It's a six-week course that will begin on April 14, and you can sign up right now!