Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Verve Haps

This past weekend, February at Verve went out with a bang!
  • We talked about how to deal with worry. The word "worry" actually comes from an Anglo-Saxon verb that means "to choke or to strangle," and everybody can identify with that definition. Worry and stress are pervasive, but rarely do they result in action; more often than not, they just wear us down.
  • A big reason we worry is because we try to play the role of God. We may not actually envy God's position, but when we worry, we do so because we want a situation to play out in a certain way; we wish we could control the course of whatever we're worrying and stressing about. But because we're not God, we need to let him take care of us and take care of our worries. It's not easy to let go of stressors, but it can be done by depending on God.
  • Announced that we're putting on an Egg Hunt for students at Dean Petersen Elementary, a school located in a poverty-strick and gang-infested area of Las Vegas. We did this last year and it was a huge hit. It's a great way to show God's love to kids who don't have a lot, and it's a great opportunity for our church to rally around a cause. To pull this off we'll need volunteers and we'll need candy. Bring a few bags of candy to Verve this weekend and stop by the Velcro Bar to sign up to serve at this rad event!
  • We've heard a few cool stories about God using our online services to lead people closer to him and to Verve. We just started online broadcasts a few weeks ago, and it's cool to see the impact they're already having.
  • Verve's Amazing Race is happening at 10:00AM this Saturday! Come on out and be part of the most intense competition of the year. Gonna be fun.