Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Verve Haps

Not even Presidents Day could stop this past weekend at Verve!
  • Continued our God For The Rest Of Us series by talking about God For Those Who Have Been Turned Off By Church. A lot of people who have given up on church have done so because of one (big) problem: hypocrisy. They got sick of so many people claiming to believe one thing yet doing another that they decided their life would be better off if they didn't associate with those kinds of religious people. That is totally understandable.
  • But... if you think about it, to abandon church altogether due to one (or two or three) bad encounters isn't completely fair. We used the analogy of a restaurant: you wouldn't stop going to restaurants just because of one bad experience at a single establishment. So, if you're one of the many people who have had a crappy experience at church, we invite you to keep checking out Verve and explore the possibility that God values you and wants great things for you. (We also managed to work in a Richard Simmons joke -- pretty impressive, no?).
  • Had a lot of new people who came to Verve because they found out about us through our new billboards, radio ads, postcards, magazine ads, smoke signals, etc. It's really cool and exciting to see the ways God is leading people to Verve. Can't wait to see these people take next steps in their spiritual journeys!
  • Throughout this series we've been thinking of what Jesus might do (and who he would hang out with) if he came to Las Vegas today. He would undoubtedly take a trip downtown to participate in his favorite pastime: