Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Verve Haps

Verve was hoppin' this past weekend!
  • Continued our Bold As Love series by talking about Bold Prayer. The main idea we unpacked is that what you pray (or don't pray) reflects what you believe about God. If you don't pray, you probably don't believe in God. If you pray and always ask God to do things for you, you believe God exists to serve you. If you pray small prayers, it probably means you don't really believe God is capable of doing big things. (Also, we're probably the only church in America that told a poop story involving prayer).
  • Bold prayers are prayers that ask big things of God and are focused on others. God is interested in every part of your life, so it's okay to pray for yourself and day-to-day things, but it's kind of disingenuous to God if you don't ask him to change others' lives and to do big, miraculous things.  Praying boldly means praying with the understanding that God is a big God who can do anything and knows what is best for us and for others. If you pray, applying this principle could open the door for God to impact lives and situations in huge ways. 
  • A few of our adults and several Verve middle schoolers spent Friday through Sunday at a retreat in Arizona! They got to hang out with hundreds of other students in an environment that helped them get away from the busy-ness of their lives and focus on their individual spiritual journeys. It was a really cool opportunity for our students to get to know each other better and grow closer to God.
  • Gave everyone an invite to our Super Bowl Party that's happening on... well, Super Bowl Sunday. If you're in the Vegas area, come on out to Verve at 3:00PM to watch the game on the big screen and throw down on some serious snacks (speaking of snacks... if you like bringing food to events, bring a dish or two (or three!))! Gonna be fun.