Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Verve Haps

This past weekend's NFL games were pretty amazing and so was Verve!
  • We continued our new series Bold As Love by talking about how you can take bold action in ways that you probably haven't thought of. The key to doing bold things is to realize that your behavior is driven by your belief -- if you believe everyone is going to criticize you, for example, you'll act tentatively. But if you believe God wants to use you to do great things, you'll live boldly.
  • Looked at a story in the Bible about a guy named Peter who did something bold. He delivered a speech to a crowd of thousands, and he explicitly told them they should follow Jesus... even though it was illegal to do so. More than 3,000 people gave their lives to God because of Peter's bold action. And later we see Peter do something else bold -- he told a man who been unable to walk his entire life to get up and walk... and the guy does (!). God used Peter's boldness to change the man's life, and Peter became more confident in who God made him.
  • Talked about how you can be bold in ways that may not seem as dramatic but can actually make a big impact on others. For example, maybe a lot of your coworkers gossip. But instead of participating in those conversations, you could just step away -- you don't have to make a big show of it or condemn people, just quietly remove yourself from the situation. Over time, people are bound to notice your boldness and ask why you do it, which creates a great opportunity for you to talk to them (in a non-weird way) about what God has done in your life and how they can check it out for themselves by coming to Verve. Your bold action can produce bold results.
  • Announced that we're going on two mission trips this year -- one to Ecuador and one to Poland -- and you can sign up for an informational meeting that will tell you everything you need to know (no experience required)! This is a great opportunity for you to take a bold step and see God use you in really cool ways. If you're interested, stop by the Velcro Bar this weekend and sign up up for one of our two info meetings.
  • The weather was freakin' cold! Fortunately, our band brings the heat. We've got a killer group of musicians and they pulled off a solid set of songs this past weekend.
  • A lot of new things are going on at Verve! If you were there this past weekend, you saw that our tech booth is under construction in preparation for our online service broadcasts that will start next month. If you weren't there this past weekend, make sure you check out Verve this Sunday or Monday to see the changes for yourself!