Saturday, September 10, 2011

Proverbs 21

Today's reading in our daily plan is Proverbs 21. Take a moment to pray, asking God to speak to you from this passage. Then read, using the following notes and questions to help you get everything out of the passage.

SAY WHAT? (What is the passage saying?)
  • Verse 3 is a verse we should all re-read about 50 times. The author is saying God prefers us to do what is right and be just over our religious rituals. Most people think God prefers ritual over simple acts of kindness but this verse says the exact opposite.
  • Verses 9 and 19 are reminders for wives to protect the atmosphere in their home with a loving attitude. But more importantly, perhaps it’s a reminder for husbands to love their wives in such a way that their wives wouldn’t be ill-tempered.
  • In this chapter, we are also warned not to ignore the plight of the poor for we may one day find ourselves there.
  • Verse 21 teaches a new path to all the success we’re looking for in life. The interesting thing is we find the very thing we’re looking for now but in the right way.
SO WHAT? (What are the underlying principles?)
  • Often spouses complain about how the other is behaving. However, the truth is if spouses loved each other selflessly then they would see a drastic difference in the mood of the marriage.
NOW WHAT? (How will you personally apply this passage?)
  • Do you show acts of love and kindness to others regularly? We’re reminded in this chapter in several different ways that God desires us to love others. If you’re married do you love your spouse completely and selflessly? What simple way could you show your spouse you love them today with no expectation of a return? If we spent more time trying to think of new ways to show our spouse we love them then we would have less time to dwell on the minor things they do that annoy us. The same is true for everyone in our lives. Ask God to help you see others like he does and love them as much as he does.