Monday, December 27, 2010

Near, Far, Wherever You Are

You remember the song.  You cried watching Jack and Rose fall in love on the Titanic as Celine sang, "Near, far, wherever you are."  Well, the reality is that if we have a relationship with God there are going to be times when He feels near, others when He feels far, and sometimes when we're asking, "Where are you?"

This weekend we learned that though God sometimes feels far, He is always close to us.  The question is whether we're paying attention to Him.  Tommy also shared that it's often when God seems most absent that He's actually most present.

Use the following questions to dig deeper on your own or with a friend:
  1. When in your life has God felt especially close?
  2. When in your life has God felt really far from you?
  3. Looking back at some of the most difficult times you've faced, when God may have felt most absent, can you now see how God might have actually been present and active in your life?
  4. In Jeremiah 23:23-24, God says that we can not hide from Him, and that He is everywhere.
  5. In what ways does that idea scare you?
  6. In what ways does it comfort you?
  7. What practical steps could you take to become more aware of God's presence, especially during difficult times?

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