Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Integrity At Work

This week at Verve we talked about "Occupational Hazards" - that there are some dangers inherent in every job, and one of those is temptation.  How do we handle temptation at work?  With integrity.  What is integrity?  Doing the right thing ... no matter who is or isn't looking, no matter how easy it is not to, and no matter what the consequences might be.

If you missed the message, you can listen here.  And if you'd like to dig in a little deeper - on your own or with a friend - here are some questions to facilitate that:
  1. What most impressed you about the story of Joseph and his integrity at work?
  2. Would you say work is the place where it's most difficult for you to live with integrity?  If  not work, where?
  3. What is the most challenging temptation you face at work?
  4. Vince talked about the temptation to complain, and that perhaps the cause for it is that rather than making the Lord God over our jobs, we've made our jobs God over us.  The idea is that we look for things (joy, fulfillment) in our jobs that only God can give us.  How might this be true in your life?
  5. Do you think having a closer relationship with God would lead you to a more positive attitude and less complaining?  If so, how could you move towards that?
  6. Vince talked about how, to God, morality is more important than prosperity.  In light of recent corporate greed and corruption scandals, how do you think our world might be different if God's view was more commonly accepted?
  7. What makes it difficult for you to live as though morality is more important than prosperity?
  8. What could you do to change that?

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