Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Gospel?

This week we continue our Christianity For Caveman series with, "The Gospel: So Easy A Caveman Could Get It."  The "gospel" is one of those churchy sounding words that only long-time Christians use, and most of us just shrug our shoulders.  We know the word has something to do with Jesus, but what exactly it means, got me...

But what if ... What if the gospel is actually the most important thing you can possibly know?  And what if not knowing it could have serious negative impact on your life?  What if you need to know it?  Well then, you should be at Verve this Sunday morning or Monday evening!  And to prepare, read the following passages, all of which we'll be covering in the message:
  1. Luke 2:8-15
  2. Romans 3:23
  3. Romans 6:23
  4. Romans 5:8
  5. Romans 10:9
  6. Romans 6:3-5
See ya this weekend, and vivalaverve!

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