Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not The Aqualung Jethro, The OTHER Jethro

This weekend we continued our Office series.  If you missed Robb's message (from Exodus 18) you can listen to it here.  And if you want to give it some more thought (either on your own or with a friend), here are some questions to help you dig deeper and apply it to your life:
  1. Are there any experiences (in your life or upbringing) that may have affected (negatively or positively) your vocation?  How so?
  2. How does knowing that God created you with great thought and respect change your view of your potential?
  3. People often settle into or accept tasks or roles that distract them from their primary responsibility and flourishing in their own God-given strengths.  Is it possible you've been distracted in this way?  And, if so, how can you remedy that? 
  4. We learned that Moses, though he was highly capable, was also coachable and teachable.  Are you open to guidance and and instruction from others?
  5. Moses receives instruction from a very unlikely source.  Perhaps that needs to be true of you as well?  Might there be an unlikely person that God has put in your life to help guide you?
  6. In the Verve U course Verb, we really dive into these issues.  Are you open to investigating this more?  Would you consider taking the time to discover more about how God has uniquely wired you?  If so, don't miss Verb when it's offered this winter!
Don't miss this weekend at Verve as we conclude The Office series!

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