Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Discovering Your Calling

Hope you got a lot out of and were challenged by the message this weekend, and if you missed it, you can listen to it here.

So we talked about listening - that the word "vocation" comes from the Latin word for voice; the way we're supposed to find our vocation is by listening to God's voice.  And one of the clearest ways we can hear God's voice in this regard is to listen to our own lives, to "let our lives speak."

Here are some questions to help you dig deeper into this, either on your own or with a friend:
  1. We learned in the message, from Romans 12:1-3, that God's will for your life is "good, pleasing, and perfect."  When you think of God's will for your life, are these words you assume describe it?
  2. As you've experienced God's will, has it been good, pleasing, and perfect?
  3. According to Romans 12:1-3, the way to discover God's will is through obedience. When we obey what we know, God reveals more to us.  In what ways aren't you obeying God currently?  Do you now see it as part of the reason you may be struggling to find your "calling"?
  4. We learned this weekend that God's will is to use your uniqueness, so it's critical for us to discover our uniqueness.  We may want to use others in that process (a "Clearness Committee").  Use the following questions as a jump start in discovering your uniqueness:
    • What have I always been talented at?
    • What do I enjoy doing for its own sake?
    • What do I avoid doing?  Why?
    • Do I tend to be more task or more people oriented?
    • If I were independently wealthy but had to work (for no pay), what would I choose to do?
    • For what do I want to be remembered?
    • How might the offer of money or promotion sidetrack me from my true calling?
    • What would my life look like if it turned out well?

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