Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unstuck - Week 1

Have you ever done something that you totally thought you could never do? Maybe speak in public, make a sports team, get a promotion, or pass college algebra? Ok, I took College Algebra eight times before I passed it. Eight times. I was stuck in College Math Hell. What made the difference for me was that I found a teacher that was willing to help me succeed. I spent time with that teacher and trusted the direction that they gave me. After a few months, I had gained enough confidence and knowledge to pass the class and graduate from college! I had been stuck, but finding a reliable and trusted teacher made the difference.

That’s sort of what happened with Peter. He found a reliable and trustworthy teacher in Jesus that gave his life meaning and purpose. He was able to get so unstuck from his old life that Jesus actually used him to launch the Church! So let me ask you to chew on a few thoughts from last weekend’s message.

·      Peter seems to me be a lot like us. He has a big mouth, is scared in big moments, runs and hides in tough times but eventually succeeds in surprising ways. In what ways are your flaws like Peter’s flaws?
·      Have you ever thought that your flaws were “terminal”? That somehow you just didn’t measure up? Think about how this kind of thinking has affected your choices. Has it kept you from stepping out and doing something great or being a different kind of person? After hearing about Peter and his flaws, do you think that God might have a plan for you?
·      The Bible is full of people that messed up and yet God used them in awesome ways.  Watch this video of Josh Hamilton from The Texas Rangers. Josh is a guy that found himself stuck big time and lost everything, but somehow found meaning and purpose in God.
·      Ok, if you feel like being an over achiever, take some time this week to read Judges 6-8. It’s in the Old Testament and it tells the story of a guy named Gideon. FYI, Gideon was stuck big time, but God had a different plan to give him a big time mission and purpose.

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