Monday, April 4, 2016

Questions: Relationships In Heaven

We provide questions each week based on the theme of our service for our Micro Groups to use. If you're not in a Verve Micro Group, feel free to use them on your own.

This week we continued our series called Imagine Heaven: Rumors From Beyond The Grave and talked about "Relationships In Heaven" If you missed it, you can listen to it here.
  1. Who was one of the first people you were close to who died? How did you deal with that death?
  2. Read John 14:1-3
  3. Jesus described heaven as His' "Father's House," with a place prepared for us, and where we get to be with Jesus. Does that change the way you think of Heaven? Why or why not?
  4. Read Romans 8:18-19 and Mark 10:14
  5. These verses seem to indicate we'll have child-like qualities in Heaven. What qualities of children would you like to experience again in Heaven?
  6. After His resurrection from the dead, Jesus was recognizable (His friends knew who He was). Does it make you look forward to Heaven more knowing you'll still be you and that you'll recognize the people you know?
  7. In several passages (see, for instance, Matthew 22:1-3) Heaven seems to be a huge celebration. Does that make you look forward to Heaven more? Why or why not?
  8. Accountability Question:  How have you passionately pursued deeper relationships with those closest to you?  
  9. Prayer Question:  What could we be praying for you this week? (Is this there something good we could celebrate with you, or a challenge you need God's help with?)