Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Verve Haps

Yesterday and Sunday made for a big weekend at Verve:

  • We continued our Retro Arcade series by talking about Pac-Man. It was only natural, then, for our band to kick off the service by playing "Pac-Man Fever." Our band made the throwback tune sound just as good as it did in the early '80s (if not better).
  • Talked about what Pac-Man can teach us about following God. Pac-Man took pills that made him glow and gave him strength. Similarly, there are "pills," or habits, we can make part of our lives to help keep us close to God. Regularly reading the Bible and talking to God are a couple of the practical ways you can stay close to God. For the full scoop, make sure you listen to this week's message if you couldn't make it to Verve.
  • We love to ambush our community with God's love, and this holiday season we are aiming to make Christmas happen for kids who would otherwise get nothing. Dean Petersen Elementary is located in a rough area of Las Vegas, and throughout the year we look for ways to serve them. From now through December 15 we are collecting unwrapped gender-neutral games and puzzles that will be given to students at Dean Petersen. It's been so cool to see Ververs' generous response so far, and it's exciting to think about the impact this will have on families in our community. If you haven't yet brought in games, this coming weekend is your last chance to make it happen!