Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Verve Haps

Lots of big stuff going on at Verve:
  • Signups are in full swing for LoVegas Week! If you haven't signed up, now is your chance to do just that. This is an awesome opportunity for us to partner with community organizations to show God's love to Las Vegas.
  • This past Sunday and Monday we continued our Room to Breathe series by talking about practical ways you can build more time into your day by getting rid of time-wasting activity. The average American spends 4+ hours per day immersing themselves in media, so chances are you can make marginal changes that will greatly increase your margin. (If you couldn't make it to Verve, make sure you listen to the message online for other strategies we talked about.)
  • We're doing baptisms this coming Sunday and Monday, November 16-17! Can't wait. If you've been thinking about getting baptized, email us and we will help you figure out your next step.