Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Verve Haps

Lots of awesomeness at Verve recently:

  • Dean Petersen Elementary is located in an area of Las Vegas that is too dangerous for trick-or-treating. Each year the school hosts a Halloween event where the students can wear their costumes and collect candy. This year's event was on Thursday. Several Ververs volunteered to work the event, and Verve provided a metric buttload of candy to make the event a success. It's so cool to be able to ambush Dean Petersen with God's love.
  • On Friday we hosted a Lego Movie Night. Ververs (and Ververs' kids!) got in on Lego building contests, Lego-based races, free food, and a ton of other games. We love creating these kinds of opportunities for Ververs to get to know other people at our church.
  • Speaking of The Lego Movie, that's what we talked about this past weekend in grand finale of our I Want A Movie Life series. The film chronicles Emmet's leadership of a movement designed to rally against strict rules imposed by the higher-ups, a movement of freedom. 
  • Emmet's journey paints a great picture of the relationship God wants to have with us. Religious leaders often paint a legalistic picture of Jesus, as following him means signing a contract that obligates you to a complex set of rules and rituals. In reality, however, Jesus died to set us free. He wants us to experience God's love and to live in it, and to share that love with others. (If you weren't able to make it to Verve, make sure you listen to the message online.)