Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Verve Haps

BIG things going on at Verve!
  • Last week our building was teeming with crew members from a production company who are making a reality show about our church. (If you missed that announcement a few weeks ago,  check out the first few minutes of this video.) It's exciting to see this kind of dream come together, and to think about the people who will grow closer to God as as result of this project. 
  • This past weekend we continued Seussapalooza by talking about the story of Gerald McBoing Boing. Gerald had a physical impediment that he thought would hold him back forever... but it ended up becoming his greatest strength. Likewise, God wants to turn our weaknesses into assets that can change lives. The Bible is full of people who were used by God specifically because they had a certain handicap, and God wants to help us overcome our own weaknesses. 
  • We showed this little-known, never-before-released rap video that was most certainly directed by Dr. Seuss himself: