Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Verve Haps

March Madness was in full swing at Verve this past Sunday and Monday!
  • Three people were baptized last night!! Through three unique situations, three Ververs had recently realized they needed to officially go public with their relationship with God through baptism. Baptisms are one of the most exciting things that happen at Verve because they represent why we exist: to lead people to Jesus and the life he offers.
  • Everybody's brackets may have been completely busted, but that didn't stop us from continuing our series called Learning to Love Your Job. We talked about how to make sure your profession doesn't become an obsession. Today's workplace puts a lot of pressure on employees to do their absolute best, and that performance often comes at the expense of relationships with loved ones. It can be tough to give those relationships the priority they deserve, but the Bible offers very practical advice on how you can do just that. If you weren't there, make sure you listen online to this week's message.
  • A Verver who is homeless rode his bike to Verve on Sunday morning. At one point during his hour-long ride he was hit by a car (!), but he got back on his bike and came to Verve with scraped knees. THAT is dedication. (Fortunately, the accident wasn't that bad -- he was sore for about a day but has since recovered.)
  • Since we're talking about jobs, we present the Top Ten Signs You Had A Bad Job. They included:
    • #6: The sign on your door reads "Bob's Office/Men's Room"
    • #2: You're a waiter at a new theme restaurant called "Kick the Crap Out of Your Waiter"
  • We figured it might be helpful to take a look at some of the lesser-known jobs, so we went behind the scenes to examine a menial job at one of America's most prestigious companies: