Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Verve Haps

What's happening at Verve, you ask?! Well...
  • This past weekend we kicked off a brand new series called Learning to Love Your Job. Surveys tell us that two-thirds of working Americans are dissatisfied with their career, and that's especially true in Las Vegas. In this series we're talking about how you can change the way you treat your current job (or lack thereof) to experience a more fulfilling life inside and outside of work.
  • We talked about five letters that can revolutionize your attitude toward your job: J.J., S.D.G. If you weren't there to find out what the heck those letters mean, you can listen to the message online. (You'll also hear about a lady who harbors an extreme hatred toward yellow rental cars.)
  • Our band went old-school and opened the service with a live rendition of "Takin' Care of Business." Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your fashion sensibilities), tye-dye shirts and bell-bottoms were omitted. 
  • Dean Petersen Elementary is located in a poverty-stricken area of Las Vegas. We love to ambush their students with God's love, so next month we are throwing an Easter Egg Hunt at the school. Over the next four weeks we will be collecting candy in our lobby. You can help create a memorable Easter experience for students at Dean Petersen by loading up on big bags of candy during your next trip to the store and bringing that candy to Verve's lobby by April 14th. This is gonna be big! Can't wait to show God's love to these kids.