Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Verve Haps

March is here and it started off with a bang this past weekend at Verve!

  • Wrapped up our Drop The F-Bomb by talking about how to forgive yourself. It's easy to carry guilt from mistakes we made years ago; memories of bad things we did can create a burden that weighs us down everywhere we go. It's common for people to say things like, "Just let it go," and while that may be a nice thing to say, it's not like you can magically erase the effects of what happened.
  • Any time we sin, somebody has to pay. For example, if somebody runs over your mailbox, you could choose to forgive them and pay the price of fixing what they did, or you could choose to not forgive them and make them pay the price of fixing what they did. The good news for us is that Jesus has already paid the price for all of our wrongs. We can't pay the price for wrong things we've done -- we can beat ourselves up over them, but we can't pay the price. The key to forgiving ourselves is realizing Jesus' death on the cross is completely sufficient to take away all of our sin, as well as the guilt and condemnation you feel. When you give your life to God, that forgiveness becomes part of who you are, how you live, and how you think about your past. This week's message set a lot of people free, and if you couldn't make it to Verve you should definitely listen online.
  • Some people may not realize that they need to make forgiveness a part of their life, so we presented the Top Ten Signs You Need to Drop The F-Bomb. Some of the signs included "You no longer say hello to the diabetic neighbor who didn't have a cup of sugar to give you," and "Your dog's name is Vengeance."
  • Nearly 60 people are enrolled in this round of Verve U classes. It's exciting to see people take next steps to learn more about themselves and about God!
  • This coming weekend we are celebrating Verve's 4th birthday in all of our services! Make sure you're there for the craziness.