Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Verve Haps

Great things are happening at Verve!

  • We're in the middle of our Drop The F-Bomb series, and this past weekend we talked about the starting point for beginning the process of forgiveness: to truly forgive others, you must accept the forgiveness God offers you. Jesus died to forgive your sins, but he's not going to force himself on you; you must make the decision to give your life to him. Once you do that, a lot of things in your life will begin to change, including the way you view forgiveness.
  • This has been a really powerful series. It's amazing to see just how big of a need forgiveness is, and how people are growing closer to God through realizing that they are carrying around a lot of unforgiveness.
  • This past Sunday night kicked off a new round of Verve U. Excited for everyone participating; they're going to learn a lot about themselves and about God!