Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Verve Haps

BIG things are going on at Verve!

  • This past Sunday night we had our State of the Church Address, where we made some huge announcements about what's in store for Verve in 2014 and beyond.
  • Announcement #1: As of this spring we will have a full-time staff member to oversee our Children's and Student Ministries! We love to unlock the potential of the next generation, and after several months of searching, God has connected us with a new staff member who is going to be an absolute dynamite addition to our team. Her name is Amy Boles, and she comes to us by way of Indiana, where she has been Children's Pastor for a few years at a great church that involves thousands of volunteers. She had previously directed a pre-school and was the valedictorian at the University of Michigan (!). Amy will be moving to Las Vegas in March, and we can't wait for her to get started.
  • Announcement #2: We've got a deal for a television show! Though it's still early in the process, footage has been shot and plans are moving forward for a six-part reality show that will double as a Bible study that can be used by churches across America. In the four years since Verve started we've rejected a lot of offers from production companies that were interested in making a reality show, because we don't want to take advantage of our people or exploit what God is doing. However, this time we have connected with a Christian production company that shares our vision and wants to produce a reality show for the purpose of reaching people who are far from God. We're excited to see this take shape.
  • Announcement #3: When we first started Verve, our vision wasn't just to start one church in one city... it was to eventually start new churches in the darkest cities in the world. We've been able to take steps to that end, and this year it looks like plans will be moving forward a lot more quickly. We're calling this movement "Splagna," which is the Greek word that is translated as "Compassion" in the New Testament. We're looking for church planters who have Compassion to plant churches in the world's most sinful locales, like Ibiza, Spain, The Red Light District of Amsterdam, South Beach in Miami, and way way more. 
It's humbling that God is allowing all of this to happen at Verve. If you pray, please pray that all of these new developments will help more people find abundant life in God. It has been a wild ride, and it's about to get wilder!