Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Verve Haps

This past weekend at Verve was epic:
  • A group of middle school students spent the weekend at a winter retreat in Prescott, Arizona. We love to develop our students, and this retreat was a great opportunity for them to take dedicated time to focus on God and deepen relationships with other students.
  • Continued our series called The Left Out Right Arm by talking about idols. It's tempting to just think of idols as stone statues that were worshiped hundreds of years ago, but the reality is that our culture is saturated with a ton of idols that can take our focus away from God. God wants to be the top priority in our lives, but we often elevate other endeavors above him: we want more money, a more prolific reputation, a better romantic life... and the list goes on.
  • If we realize there's something in our life that we have placed above God, we need to repent -- that is, turn away from that temptation -- and replace it with a true enjoyment of who God is. When you replace idols in your life with God, it deepens your relationship with him and helps you become more content in who he has made you and the circumstances in which he has placed you.
  • Invited all Ververs to check out our State of the Church Address happening this Sunday, January 26, at 6:05 p.m. If you're committed to Verve, make sure you're there -- we've got a few BIG announcements about things that are happening in 2014, and you can be among the first to know about them.