Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Verve Haps

The holiday season is in full swing at Verve!

  • We are in the home stretch of collecting Christmas gifts for students at Dean Petersen Elementary. This is a great opportunity our church has to ambush our community with God's love, and it's been awesome to see Ververs step up to meet the challenge. This coming Monday, December 16, is your last chance to bring in games or puzzles for Dean Petersen students. So if you're a Verver who hasn't yet donated gifts, get to shoppin'!
  • This past Sunday and Monday we concluded our series called Giveitudes. Talked about the Giveitude of Faith; that is, we need to give by faith instead of giving by sight. When we give by sight, we give based on what we can see: how much money we currently have to deal with, what our financial outlook is, etc. When we give by faith, we give because we love God unconditionally and want to honor him.  It's a lot easier to give by sight but a lot more rewarding to give by faith.
  • We also talked about our money-back guarantee. It's a pretty crazy offer we make, and you've probably never heard any other church do this. If you weren't at Verve this past weekend, you'll have to watch or listen online to find out what we're talking about!