Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Verve Haps

A new series at Verve got off to a great start this past weekend:

  • It was week one of Giveitudes, a series about how people can best use their money to make an impact on the world. We realize that churches talking about money is pretty stereotypical, and a lot of preachers and churches have caused problems because they teach weird things about money. At Verve we will never be a church that chases anyone's wallet or tries to trick people into thinking they'll get a brand new car and/or a million dollars if they give to a church. But money is a great tool that we can use to grow spiritually, so we think it's worth spending a few weeks talking about how money can help us learn more about God and grow closer to him.
  • This past weekend we talked about the Giveitude of Contentment -- that is, learning to be content with what we currently have. Our society can pressure us into always wanting the latest gadget and the biggest house, but buying into that pressure only leads to a giant rat race; we never feel like we have "enough." We need to resist comparing what we have to what other people have.
  • If you're a Christian, one important question to ask yourself is: do you believe God is enough? He is enough, but it can be difficult for us to believe that. Many of us keep Jesus in the background of our lives when he needs to be the foreground. Think of ways this week to keep Jesus at the forefront of your life (following along with our Bible Reading Plan is a great first step).
  • We presented the Top Ten Signs You're Broke. You had to be there to catch all of them, but here are a few highlights:
    • Number 7: Instead of lollipops, the teller at the bank offers your kids anti-depressants.
    • Number 4: Your dog checked himself into the local pound for a better chance of survival.
    • Number 2: You require a cover charge for people visiting your house.