Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dec 6: Revelation 6

Revelation 6

In today's chapter the lamb breaks six of the seals, one at a time, which results in six events or time periods. They fall into three categories:
  1. The four horsemen of the apocalypse. Yep, this is where that saying comes from. The horse and riders correspond to events or time periods characterized by conquest, war, plague, and death, respectively. They may or may not represent God’s direct action on earth; they could even be the activities of humanity.
  2. Martyrs. Those that have been killed for the word of God appear in heaven, calling out to God for judgment on their persecutors. These people may have been murdered during John’s time, the past, or will be in the future.
  3. General catastrophe. Some think these events represent God’s judgment on the people of the earth, while others think this is the fulfillment of Matthew 24, and others feel this represents political upheaval.
As Revelation goes on many things happen both on earth and in heaven. Due to the nature of the writing many different interpretations are plausible. Some of the more popular views on the timing of these events are: they have been fulfilled in the past, they will be fulfilled in the future, they have been in the process of fulfillment since the time it was written or they will never happen because they are symbolic of transcendent spiritual realities.

If you think things are getting weird, you’re completely right. As we progress through this book we’ll continue to read about strange things and events which can only be explained in a symbolic way.

-Written for Verve by Mike Zimmerman