Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dec 22: Ecclesiastes 10

Today we’re reading Ecclesiastes chapter 10.
  1. The first half of this chapter the writer is telling us how even just a little foolishness can ruin our lives. In light of this, we should strive to be wise in all our choices.
  2. Verse 4 is one that many of us could have used in our lifetime for sure. How often do we let our frustration with our bosses cloud our need for (and blessing of having) our job?
  3. The end of this chapter talks about how good leadership and leaders with solid values are a blessing to those they lead.
The closing of this chapter mentions something worth thinking about. The author says not to talk bad about someone (namely the king for his audience) even in the privacy of your own home. The reason he gives is “a little bird might carry your words . . . and tell what you said.” Obviously that’s not realistic but how often have we said things we shouldn’t say about someone and “little birds” carried our words back to them. I was taught when I was younger not to say something about someone that I wouldn’t be willing to say to them in person. This is solid advice and has kept me out of a lot of trouble. The times I ignored it things usually backfired on me. However, as I’ve gotten older I feel God has taught me a better way: Don’t say anything about a person that doesn’t build them up. This is a much better way to live my life. When I follow this I know that every time I speak about someone, not only do I not mind if they hear about it, I hope they do. How about you? Do you need to think through or maybe rethink how you speak of people? Who have you hurt with your words? Have you apologized to them? Even if they don’t know about it yet? Take some time right now and ask God to remind you who you need to talk to and maybe apologize to.