Friday, December 14, 2012

Dec 14: Revelation 12

Revelation 12

In today’s reading the scene in heaven is somewhat similar to the start of Matthew and Luke’s books. We could be seeing the advent (Jesus coming to earth) from a different perspective. A short aside in The NIV Student Bible says,
The view of Christ’s birth in Revelation 12 gives a glimpse into the pattern of the entire book. John is fusing things seen with things normally not seen. In daily life, two parallel histories occur simultaneously: one on earth and one in heaven. Revelation, however, views them together. It parts the curtain, allowing a quick look behind the scenes at the cosmic impact of what happens on earth.
There are differing views of who the characters in this chapter depict, but most agree John is describing simultaneous narratives using pictures and symbols. Another interpretation of this chapter is that Israel (women) produces the Church (child), who is saved from the dragon (Devil) but later persecuted by the dragon. Others see this as happening to Israel in the future or to the Church throughout the ages.

With any of the above interpretations, the exclamation in verses 10 - 12 is still true. With Jesus has come salvation, power and the kingdom of God. Satan, the accuser, has been overcome by the blood of Jesus and the testimony of Jesus’ followers who do not fear death. God’s people rejoice because of Jesus’ victory but the earth will see the vengeance of Satan, whose time is short. This could be seen as a summary of Revelation; it certainly summarizes the situation in which we are living today.

Do you agree with that last statement? Why or why not? How would you summarize the situation we are living in today?

-Written for Verve by Mike Zimmerman