Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oct 28: Job 37

Job 37
  1. Elihu is an interesting person. With all the things he doesn’t understand about God he gets a lot. He certainly reveres God, which is something that can’t be said about many people either in Job’s time or ours today.
  2. Then Elihu implores Job to stop and listen to God. This is actually maybe the best advice any of his friends had given to Job. When we are in a painful time taking time out to stop and just listen to God always has a way of re-centering us on what is important.
  3. Elihu ends by telling Job that God enjoys the humble.
Elihu had a faulty belief that God is a distant and disconnected God. However, Elihu had a grasp on a lot of who God is. Out of all his friends Elihu had the best advice for Job. What we can take away from this today is to always be humble before God; everything that happens he can use. And to take time to be still and silent before him. This applies all the time in life but especially the painful times. When was the last time you were quiet and still before God? Take time today for that. Spend at least 5 minutes silent before him.