Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Verve Haps

This past Easter weekend at Verve saw a lot of new stuff:
  • It was the first week of The Sleep Series, a brand new series where we are talking about how you can snap out of your tired life and wake up to one that is full of excitement and passion.
  • We debuted a new worship song, "Wake Me Up" by Samestate.
     There were lots of new visitors (if you were one of them, we hope you'll come back again this weekend!)
  • Our message was about how God gives us wake-up calls. He is always trying to get our attention in different ways, and we'll never truly feel fulfilled until we listen to them and live each day like we truly believe God wants us to wake up and follow Him.
  • Maybe signing up for our class called Verge could help you better recognize God's wake-up call for you. Verge is a six-week class starting this coming Sunday night, so sign up now!
  • On Saturday we held an egg hunt for students of Dean Petersen Elementary. More than 200 kids showed up and had a blast. It was so cool to see Ververs serve the community like that; they all loved it because they made a difference in the lives of hundreds of families.
  • We had a packed house this weekend, but there's still plenty of room for you to invite people!