Monday, April 9, 2012

Questions: Wake-Up Call

 This week we celebrated Jesus' resurrection from the dead by talking about Easter as a Wake Up Call. If you missed the message, you can listen to it here. To spend some more time thinking through and applying the message, we provide the following questions:
  1. What was Easter like in your childhood?  How or did you celebrate it?
  2. When was a time you overslept, or slept through an alarm?  What was the occasion or appointment that you missed by missing a wake up call?
  3. In his talk Vince describes all the ways God told people, in advance, what He was going to do through sending a Savior who would die and then raise from the dead.  What thoughts come to your mind as you consider all that God did to warn people before Jesus showed up?
  4. What are some some of the wake up calls God has given you?  What was the wake up call that first brought you to Verve?
  5. Read the words of the Bible in Isaiah 53:5-12, but change it to be personal.  For instance, read verse 5:  “but he was pierced for MY transgressions, he was crushed for MY iniquities; the punishment that brought ME peace was upon him, and by his wounds I AM healed.”  How does it make you feel to read this passage in that way?
  6. Being crucified is being nailed or tied to a pole (a cross) so that you had to push up with your feet in order to breathe.  After awhile the person would get too tired and weak to push themselves up in order to breathe and death would be close at hand.  How do you feel knowing that Jesus willingly was crucified for you?
  7. Two other men died on crosses next to Jesus. (See Luke 23:32-43.) Of those two men, which one have you been more like in your life?  The one who showed proud defiance, or the one who had a humble desire?  Which one would you like to be like?
  8. How will you respond to God's wake up call to you today?
  9. No matter your past, if you respond in humble desire to God's wake up call and His desire to do life with you, your future can be very different and very much better.  With that in mind, what will Easter be like for you next year?  What changes would you like to see in your life by then?  In your relationship with God?  How would you like to celebrate it?