Monday, April 2, 2012

Questions: Choose Your Foundation

This week we concluded our The Jesus You Never Knew series by looking at a parable of Jesus' which teaches us how critical it is to choose the right foundation. If you missed it, you can listen to it here. Take a minute to read that parable in Matthew 7:24-29, then go through the following questions (on your own, or with some friends).
  1. What is your favorite story with a moral?
  2. In the past on what foundation(s) have you built your life? (Ways to discern this: What have you looked to for happiness and fulfillment? What has guided your decision making?)
  3. How did that foundation (or those foundations) do when hit by the storms of life?
  4. As a builder, have you had to start over building your house on a different foundation? What did you try next?
  5. What does Psalm 40:1-2 say about what to do when you realize that your foundation hasn't been solid and has led you to sink, and that you need a new foundation?
  6. The Bible repeatedly tells us about the foundation of rock that can sustain our life. For instance, see: Isaiah 33:6, 2 Samuel 22:2-3. Why do you think making God your foundation the wise choice?
  7. Vince explained that every decision we make becomes a part of the house (life) we're constructing. What decisions do you need to make this week to make sure you're building your life on the rock?
  8. What bad decisions can you look back on in your life and now see how they led to your building the kind of life you don't want to have?
  9. Jesus taught that many will believe they build their life on Jesus, only to find out that they actually didn't. He also taught that the "proof" of whether we're truly building our lives on Jesus is whether or not we are obeying and living out His teachings.
  10. Which of Jesus' teachings are you aware of, but maybe not really obeying and living out?
  11. Are you ready to make the big choice (trusting Jesus as the leader of your life) which will determine how to make the rest of the choices of your life?
  12. Remember, as Vince said this weekend, the reason we should choose Jesus as the foundation of our lives is not because He had good teachings, loved us, or died for us. Those are all great, but not the reason. The reason is that He rose from the dead, proving He is God. As you go into Easter this week, spend some time reflecting on that, and make sure not to miss Verve's Easter service this Sunday morning or Monday evening!