Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 8: Genesis 29

First, Happy Easter! Today we’re reading Genesis 29.
  1. This chapter continues following Jacob. In the beginning we see that Jacob went to where his relatives lived. And Jacob immediately fell in love with a girl named Rachel. It was love at first sight.
  2. Jacob agreed to work for Laban (Rachel’s father) for seven years for free if he would get Rachel’s hand in marriage. Laban agreed to this.
  3. Then Laban tricked Jacob and gave him his older daughter, Leah, in marriage. Somehow Jacob was unaware of this trick until the morning after he had consummated the marriage. Obviously Jacob was furious at getting a taste of his own medicine (like how he tricked his father and brother). 
  4. Jacob agreed to work for another seven years for free if he would finally get to marry Rachel, and he did. Then Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah even though Leah bore him four sons.
This is another crazy story. Whoever says the Bible is boring to read obviously hasn’t ever read it. Just in these first 29 chapters we’ve read some really insane things. Today was no different. Jacob does a great job at showing us what real love is too. Didn’t he? This guy worked for 14 years for free just to marry Rachel. Talk about love! It should be a sobering reminder for us who are married to love our spouse with the same fervor. Are you married? How well do you love your spouse? Do you “love” them just as well when they aren’t around? Or do you pretend your not married to pick up or others, or look at things you shouldn’t look at? Let’s ask God to help us love our spouses as he would want us to. If you’re not married ask God to help you live in such a way to prepare you for his plans for your life; married or not. How Jacob pursued his love reminds me about Easter. God pursued us with his love so much that he was willing to come to earth in human form (Jesus) and die for us to be connected to him. Then he proved he was God by raising again after three days. And that's what Easter is all about. It's the day we celebrate the hope we have of a new life in Jesus because of his resurrection.

- Written for Verve by Tommy Altman